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Aaahh real Monsters Ickis Plush 
06:37pm 09/06/2012
Looking to buy a Ickis Plush the same one in picture,he is so darn hard to find.will pay with paypal.
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TeenNick to show 90s Block: 
09:48pm 18/07/2011
mood: happy
I'm sure a lot of people have heard about this by now, but in case you hadn't - coming July 25:

The schedule for the first night looks like:

12:00am All That
12:30am Kenan & Kel
1:00am Clarissa Explains It All
1:30am Doug
2:00am All That
2:30am Kenan & Kel
3:00am Clarissa Explains It All
3:30am Doug

Other shows are slated to air like Salute Your Shorts and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Ah, nostalgia. :D

Soooource - cross-posted to rigelianculture
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Introduction and a rant: 
02:59am 19/04/2011
  For this comm, this post is probably a bit tl;dr. Apologies in advance.

I don't know if it's the fact that I am in my twenties and might be suffering some sort of quarter-life crisis, but I've been escaping to any and all old Nick shows right now.

My personal show of choice was Space Cases (tiny plug - I've modded an SC community called rigelianculture for almost TEN years now. Holy crap!) and have been re-watching the episodes.

I also watched Hey Arnold this past summer and became COMPLETELY hooked. I had caught episodes inconsistently when it originally aired, but was able to catch up via YouTube and started lurking around the fandom a bit. Then I learned about all the ways Nickelodeon screwed the show over in terms of scheduling... preempting new episodes in favor of re-runs of Rugrats was a particularly jaw-clenching example I read about.

This kind of corporate stuff went on with Space Cases, too. Nick executives kept exerting weird bits of creative control on the writers - saying stuff like characters looked "too alien" and couldn't become regular cast members; making the writers put one of the adult characters in a coma for half a season so he could be easily written out of episodes - things like that. The ratings for SC were pretty good at the time it was canceled, too.

Then there's the whole last episode of The Angry Beavers that came out where they describe the five stages of acceptance with regard to a cartoon's cancellation on a network. It's hilarious, but (of course) never aired:

Has anyone else had a pet show on Nickelodeon (or two, or seven) that you think was canceled before its time? Do you ever wonder what went on at Nick that led to its demise?
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Netflix to the rescue! Mysterious Cities of Gold 
08:12pm 06/03/2011
  Netflix now has the Mysterious Cities of Gold (and it's a darn good transfer) available on instant watch.  
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05:28pm 31/05/2010
  [14] Hey Arnold! Helga-centric icons

Warning: 1 icon contains profanity.


here at weheartnick

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Are You Afriad of The Dark? gifs 
02:16am 27/04/2010

So I own all 91 episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? on DVD and I am going to make gifs of them.
However since there are so many episodes I don't know where to start so, I am taking any and all requests!

To request gifs click HERE
(I will also post links to the gifs here when they are made!) 

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Kenan & Kel icons 
11:18pm 26/02/2010


{01-50} Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
{51-60} Kenan & Kel

HERE @ bloodyretro
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07:37pm 23/02/2010
  [24] Ian Somerhalder
[34] Paramore (including Soundwave and The Only Exception)
[12] Emilie DeRavin
[20] Invader Zim

here @ echoedcircles
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11:16pm 09/02/2010
  I originally made these 41 icons for weheartnick's Character Battle Challenge. But I thought you guys might enjoy these icons too! ;]

41 Team Nick icons


here at weheartnick

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32 Icons: Kenan & Kel. Underworld. Duran Duran 
12:05am 01/01/2010
  {1-14} Kenan & Kel
{15-24} Underworld (Mostly Selene)
{25-32} Duran Duran


Icon 012 Icon 018 Icon 029

HERE @ [info]bloodyretro
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Ren toy for sale! 
08:42pm 18/10/2009
  Hey all! Just posting to let everyone know that I have a plush doll of Ren Hoek for sale - thought someone here might be interested! The doll is up on eBay - click the image to go to the auction.

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#24 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Icons 
11:28am 27/07/2009

Please comment and credit.
NO hotlinking.
Do not alter icons.
Resource List


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Over here.
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Help a fellow Nick kid out! 
06:36pm 18/07/2009
mood: accomplished
I entered this contest on a whim. Next thing I know my entry is up there in the top 100 and I could win. It could help pay for college this semester so vote, repost, and stay awesome!

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09:19am 25/06/2009
  OMG I'm thrilled to find this comm. Nickelodeon used to be so awesome - I miss it *nostalgia* :'(  
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Best website ever!! 
10:39pm 03/05/2009
   So I found a website that has a whole lot of old Nickelodeon cartoons to watch for free.  It requires a video player that I didn't have [I have a Mac], which I downloaded with no problems [or viruses etc].  The site has Kablam, Angry Beavers, Doug, Aaaaahhh Real Monsters, Rugrats, and a bunch of others.  There's also a sister site for Cartoon Network and another sister site for Nickelodeon's live shows.  I AM SO HAPPY.  I've been watching stuff on this site almost every night for the past month. ^_______^

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05:09pm 21/04/2009
  Over the past few months, I've been using my new TiVo to record and watch old nick shows. Rocket Power has really nabbed my interest again, probably because it was my favorite show when I was younger.

Anyway, it's gotten to the point where the episodes have looped back to ones I already have recorded, and I'm still missing a lot. Does anyone know if any DVDs were ever released with the episodes? If not, is there anywhere you can download them? It's just really hard for me to believe that there's no way to view the episodes other than watching Nick at 4:30am....
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Help! Flipper episodes 
09:49pm 08/04/2009
  Can anybody upload the Season 1 Flipper 1995 episodes for me?
I've been searching for them since ever & couldn't watch them on hulu website because it is for US residents only
Thank you
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03:06pm 18/03/2009
mood: curious
what about "you can't do that on television" does anyone remember that show?
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A(nother) classic show and a(nother) new community! 
11:10pm 03/03/2009
mood: Silly
Hi, everyone!
I made another community--r_power! If you have ever been a fan of Nickelodeon's Rocket Power, then you should be a member! It's all free--even shipping and handling!
(I still can't believe communities haven't been made for either Rocket Power or The Wild Thornberrys before...:-P.)

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02:33pm 20/02/2009
  Hey guys! I've started a new RP. The game is for Nicktoon characters (old and new) Premise is what it would be like if they were living in the real world. Based in a "real life" version of Bikini Bottom from Sponge Bob. Check it out under the cut! Now accepting applications! I'd love to have a Rocko join!

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